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/World-leading Blockchain technical service provider

ChainUP provides you with safe, stable, reliable and global-covered one-stop technical service.

  • Spot trading systemSpot trading system
  • Fiat-to-crypto systemFiat-to-crypto system
  • Leverage trading systemLeverage trading system
  • Futures Contract trading systemFutures Contract trading system
  • Marketing tools & suppliesMarketing tools & supplies
Spot trading system Learn more
High-performance order matching engine RAM order matching, 50,000+tps of each pair
System security assurance Capital risk control, abnormal behaviors monitoring, and user KYC
Matched centralized wallet Three-tier structure wallet is of security and high-efficiency
Automatic backstage management Automatic coin-listing, conditioned automatic withdrawal audit
Fiat-to-crypto system
Capital guarantee Dealer margin system, free liquidity support
System security assurance Safety audit on incoming and outgoing money, user KYC, coin dealer margin system
User rights guaranteed User privacy and payment information encryption, two-way appealing channels are available
Leverage trading system
High-performance matching engine RAM order matching, 50,000+tps of each pair, able to share depth with spot trading
Capital security assurance With borrowing audit and margin closeout mechanism, ensure “0” loss on the platform
Abundant capital supporting Provide medium and short-term borrowing working cash free of charge
Diversified custom configuration Adjustable borrowing limit, adjustable leverage, limit-frequency and quota incoming and outgoing money
Futures Contract trading system
Capital security assurance With margin system, margin closeout mechanism and margin lighten-up mechanism...
User rights guaranteed With switchable full-warehouse mode and following-warehouse mode as well as tag price...
Customized types Customized types, adjustable cycle, adjustable leverage, and supporting for perpetual contracts
High-performance order matching engine RAM order matching, 50,000+tps of each contract
Marketing tools & supplies
Trading as mining Encourage trading, which helps to rapidly increase the depth and liquidity of specific coins
Broker system Encourage propagation, which helps rapid promotion of the platform and flexible configuration
Innovative experimental plot Encourage fundraising, with fast coin-listing channel. Strictly review project quality
Bitpay money management Encourage capital deposition, with high profit, capital safety, and multiple functions
  • Open platformOpen platform
  • Decentralized trading systemDecentralized trading system
  • Liquidity support systemLiquidity support system
  • HD walletHD wallet
  • Cloud walletCloud wallet
Open platform
Quick access to third party With standardized interface, the connection between the two systems is safe and fast
Safe authorization mechanism Both login and payment need mutual authorization of user, platform and third party
Capital security assurance Check bills for many times, and provide daily statements to third party
Products seamless transfer in the ecosystem Account system accesses trading system, so quick realization will be achieved after payment
Decentralized trading system
Support mainstream Blockchain network Support ETH-DEX and EOS-DEX
Unconstrained and flexible trading Free of registration, top-up and withdrawal. Match off-chain and trade on-chain.
Capital and privacy safety Capital is separately saved in the personal wallet. And users are not required to provide personal information.
Liquidity support system
Liquidity assurance Provide liquidity experience same to head exchanges
Strategy assurance With professional quantified team maintenance, create additional profits for the platform
Account safety assurance Separated account system, separated background management and separated capital risk control
HD wallet
Capital security assurance Self-sustained private key and multiple encrypted signature technology
Easy and quick trading Get started quickly, one click to add digital assets
All-ready and extendable functions Online in a second, saving more time. All kinds of coins, providing multiple playing methods.
Cloud wallet
All kinds of available coins BTC, EOS, ETH, USDT, TRX and other mainstream coins. All ERC20 tokens can be added manually.
Multiple functional combinations Wallet + money management, red packet, locked position, airdrop, activities and other operating scenarios, with any combination.
Conducive to global arrangement Support internationalized operating system and applications.
  • EOS walletEOS wallet
EOS wallet
EOS DAPP Online in a second, all kinds of EOS coins, and multiple DAPP ecological layout
Asset security assurance Self-sustained private key and multiple encrypted signature technology
Easy to use Wallet is commonly used on the whole chain, which is conducive to EOS resource management
Cost reduction For developer, reduce development cost and shorten development cycle.
Powerful market appeal Collect and appeal to more the newest and the hottest DAPP applications, including popular games...
Conducive to data transformation Through the unified access of the platform, transform users’ data to platform’s data, to establish ecological...
Crypto exchange solution

Crypto exchange solution

Provide the quick establishment and business portfolio of exchange’s commendation services. The ways of deployment are flexible and varied. System operation and maintenance can be managed. Support customized development. Specially-assigned project managers are appointed to each project for the whole process.

Wallet solution

Wallet solution

Through open platform and application plug-in, build the connector of Token economy and scenario application, and expand more financial derivatives, so as to create the financial ecology and provide the whole ecological integrated service system.

Risk control solution

Risk control solution

100% coverage of business risk control, real time monitoring of wallet capital, perception and warning of dangerous operation behaviors, and safety audit of smart contract and code, providing all-around safety protection for system.

Blockchainization solution

Blockchainization solution

Conducive to the quick start the project, provide personalized solutions with asset token. Seamless access to marketing tools, help connect a wide range of resources of exchanges and project side.

/Trust of global clients

Around the world, keep promoting the products of ChainUP exchange to provide the ultimate experience for localization.

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All the displayed figures in the decentralized exchange are closely related to capital. In case of mistakes, the loss will be huge. So matching system, clearing system, wallet system, market-making tools and other sectors are very important to the exchange. Chainup’s technical teams and hundreds of customer experience play an irreplaceable role in our rapid development. With our accurate operations, will become a world-leading exchange in the bear market.

Winter CEO

For exchanges, one hand is operation, and the other hand is technology. ChainUP helps us overcome so many difficulties technically. It provides very leading solutions from user experience, performance, safety and all other aspects. It is increasingly felt that ChainUP is a reliable partner with rich successful experience and deserves long-term trust in the field of Blockchain.


CoinTiger Founder

The exchange is a market with relatively advanced technology and very complex system. It requires extreme stability and safety of system, needing a large technical team for long-term support. In this regard, ChainUP helps us a lot and is our powerful backing. The team is a trustworthy partner with profession, devotion and high efficiency.

Wang Zhide

Bitrue CEO



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