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Futures contract

Mature-function financial futures trading system supports two-way opening a position and part margin management. It has a sound risk prevention system and can make delivery at the index price, so as to protect users’ rights and interests and assets security as much as possible. Powerful memory matching engine can ensure high-concurrence trading support, and API ordering is supported.


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Financial futures trading
Trading categories can be designed voluntarily, and two-way opening a position is made according to the contract. Fixed-period contract and forever contract are supported, and the part margin and full margin models are supported.
Margin system
Top up margin for opening a position. Platform sets the leverage multiple limits for each category, and users can make user-defined multiple when opening a position.
Forced liquidation system
Risk rate is calculated in real time, and the position with excessive high risk rate will be forced to close; the loss of the position to be liquidated shall be paid through the risk margin account when wearing occurs.
Forced lowing the position system
Under the extreme market, when the risk margin can’t bear great loss of forced liquidation orders after wearing, forced lowing the position will be done successively from user position with highest rate of return until the wearing loss is fully eliminated.

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    The top 20 trading platforms in terms of trading volume

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