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Margin trading system

Cash Margin trading system and bidding trading mechanism share reading the tape depth with cash trading, and provide users with short-term and middle-term loan fund support for turnover. Perfect risk prevention mechanism ensures zero loss on the platform. Powerful memory matching engine ensures high-concurrence trading support, and API ordering is supported.


/Product function

/Product advantages

Diversified user-defined configurations
It is possible to adjust the limit of loans, the multiple of leverage and the frequency and limit of deposit and withdrawal. Users can use it at will, and backend management is easy.
Capital risk management mechanism
With scientific and professional risk rate computing method, forced liquidation will be done on users if the risk rate is too high. The platform will not bear the loss.
Liquidity supplement
Each trading pair will be equipped with a high-performance memory matching engine of 50,000+tps, which shares the market depth with coin-coin trading. And it can also complement each other in the coin-coin trading market in terms of liquidity.
Cloud service capital support
Cloud service customers are provided with users’ working cash of loan for free, no need of self-financing capital pool, which will reduce the operation risk.

/Application scenarios

  • UEX

    The top 20 trading platforms in terms of trading volume


    The top 20 trading platforms in terms of trading volume

  • BiKi

    Well-known digital asset trading platforms in Singapore

  • Bitzon

    Well-known digital asset trading platforms in Korea

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