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Spot trading system

The digital asset spot trading system has matured functions and is widely used. Its huge memory matching engine ensures high concurrent transaction support, including perfect foreground-background system, with matched centralized wallet as well as safe and stable system. It can ensure the privacy safety, system safety and assets safety of platform and users, as well as support strategy commission and internationalization.


/Product function

/Product advantages

High-performance order matching engine
RAM order matching with 50,000+tps per pair. Support the concurrent transaction of the world's largest similar websites and encourage the access of professional quantitative tools.
System security assurance
System monitors capital risk control, business tier, wallet, uploading DS in real time, preventing permeation, DDoS and other system attack. It will intervene automatically and timely while detecting the high-risk behaviors of users and administrators. Risk control service model is separately deployed and operating.
Powerful backstage management
It is automatic coin-listing, conditioned automatic withdrawal audit. Manage and operate users, business, finance, risk control and multidimensional data, with clear and strict limits of authority.
Seamless connecting personalized service
Provide high-level clients with the development, operation and maintenance services of customized functions. The reserved interface ensures easy access to third party services and third party systems.

/Application scenarios

  • UEX

    The top 20 trading platforms in terms of trading volume


    The top 20 trading platforms in terms of trading volume

  • BiKi

    Well-known digital asset trading platforms in Singapore

  • Bitzon

    Well-known digital asset trading platforms in Korea

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